Documentary #1: All Because of a Man

All Because of a Man is a documentary based on five courageous women speaking on their past hurts. The stories featured in All Because of a Man involve affairs, molestations, manipulation, and abuse. The creator of ABOAM, James Monds, thought of this concept by witnessing first-hand the issues his female friends face in their relationships. Being a confidant to many women, he created ABOAM solely for women to heal women. Mr. Monds believe that if women would listen to one another and their stories they would be able to relate to one another’s experiences. Watching All Because of a Man will bring awareness to women that they aren’t alone in what they battle internally, giving them the opportunity to heal from their pasts and step into a new life of forgiveness and love.

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Documentary #2: All Because of Cancer

All Because Of Cancer” is a documentary that involves four women discussing the challenges they’ve faced with Breast Cancer. These courageous women open up about currently battling breast cancer, surviving stage 3 breast cancer, surviving breast cancer twice and losing a mother to breast cancer. By having faith these women are able to tell their stories so that it could help someone who is currently recovering from breast cancer as well help someone heal from a family lost.

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